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2014 GT Vortech JB-T, Car is dipping rich under throttle

Discussion in 'Power-Adders' started by Greydevil, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. Greydevil

    Greydevil New Member Established Member

    Sep 15, 2015
    San Juan Capistrano
    Here we go....

    2014 Mustang GT 6MT 3.73 Track Pack
    -Vortech JT-B
    -8Rib Upgrade from Beefcake
    -3.6 Pulley
    -91 Octane
    -Stock Clutch
    -DW1000 Injectors
    -Stock headers/Stock mid pipes/ Granetelli Axle Backs
    -One piece Aluminum Driveshaft
    -Vortech MaxFlow BAP (Used)
    -JLT BlowThrough w/ filter
    -98mm MAF housing
    -Tial 50mm BOV
    -Lund Custom Tune

    I did the install myself, Been working with Lund and they are amazing. So helpful and patient......

    Ive been driving the car daily back and forth to work for the past 6 months. no drag racing. no track. Still finalizing the tune with Lund and datalogs. A few weeks ago i was driving home and my car started to have a little cough on throttle so i babied it home. Morning time comes and i jump in to hopefully drive it to work. I cannot even get up to speed to get on the freeway. NO CODES OR DASH LIGHTS. Car idles normal for the most part but on throttle it has a bad cough. I sent a datalog of a idle and a few revs to Lund and Dakota informed me the car is dipping rich under throttle. Anyone have any experience with this? Brand new injectors.. my only concern is the BAP is programmable and its also USED. I never touched the programming and am looking for any ideas into the matter. Ive checked the intercooler piping for any vacuum leaks and everything seems tight and holds. Before this happened, the datalogs were showing solid numbers and figures but it had a slight retardation at WOT, barely noticeable.

    Any help or direction would be amazing!!!

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