2014 Tuxedo Black Raptor - 25,736 Miles


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Dec 23, 2015
Purchased new on 22 March 2014. Original owner, title in hand. No damage, all equipment is original. Seats have been covered since the day I drove it off the lot, so leather is still in excellent condition. No accidents, damages, etc.

Husky Floor Liners are installed, but I have original floor liners that will be included.
Bed has been applied with spray liner since March 2014. Minor dirt stains, but can be washed/scrubbed out.
BAK Flip Cover with integrated small tool box is included.
Rigid LEDs Included and wired to Aux Switch 3 & 4. Comes with Black Covers to pass VA State Inspection if needed.
Seats are covered with Neoprene CoverCraft seat covers, but can be easily removed.
Small underseat storage tray on driver side, opposite of subwoofer.
All service records and Original Window Sticker available.

Asking $47,500.00. Vehicle is located in Mechanicsville, VA.


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