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2017 Ford GT Design

Discussion in 'Ford GT' started by EditorTurner, Jul 6, 2016.

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    Speed and Style
    The Ford GT features styling and colors that accentuate its performance
    By Steve Turner
    Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company

    We know that Ford Performance engineers pulled out all the stops in maximizing the performance of its latest Ford supercar. From its carbon fiber body panels to its EcoBoost engine to its six-piston Brembo brakes the Ford GT is built for speed. To accentuate that speed Ford designers put a lot of thought into the car’s style.

    “We walked a fine line with the color and materials in this vehicle—infusing energy through use of color and balance while working to ensure the raw appeal of a performance car still shines through,” Barb Whalen, Ford design manager, color and materials, said. “Everything in the all-new Ford GT was intentionally designed to express ultimate performance.”

    One striking use of colors is the availability of a variety of colors on the car’s six-piston, monoblock calipers. These calipers clamp carbon ceramic rotors, which are said to improve pedal feel and stiffness.

    “The all-new Ford GT represents the pinnacle American supercar,” Dan Sandberg, president and CEO, Brembo North America, said. “Likewise, the exceedingly high standards and innovative technology incorporated into our high-performance Brembo brake system will only add to the overall driving enjoyment.”

    For the first time on a Ford, however, the GT’s calipers are available in five different color combinations. Aside from the standard black, customers can order Silver, Blue, Orange and Red calipers.

    On the inside, it’s the absence of color that lets the exterior hues sing. Instead of bright colors, designed used materials like Alcantara and carbon fiber to emphasize the car’s performance, while minimizing driver distraction. After all, you’ll need to focus while you drive a car this fast.

    “These colors aren’t trendy, because Ford GT isn’t a trendy car,” Barb added. “It is a classic—a veritable race car for the road.”

    You can play with the suggest color combinations on the car’s online configurator right here.

    There are few materials that scream performance as loud as carbon fiber and the new Ford GT uses it inside an out. Its instrument panel is carbon fiber and available with a gloss, matte or Shadow Black finish.

    Ford GT buyers can customize their six-piston, monoblock Brembo brake calipers beyond the standard black finish with Silver, Blue, Orange or Red coatings.

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