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2017 Ford GT Heritage Edition

Discussion in 'Ford GT' started by EditorTurner, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. EditorTurner

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    Oct 18, 2011
    Lakeland, FL

    Limited Tradition
    If a Ford GT wasn’t exclusive enough, there’s a retro-themed limited edition
    By Steve Turner
    Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company

    Those lucky enough to be one of the few selected by Ford for the chance to purchase a 2017 Ford GT, you have the option to truly make your supercar even more rare. That’s because Ford will produce a limited number of vehicles—dubbed the Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition—to celebrate the historic original GT’s 1-2-3 finish at Le Mans in 1966.

    “Celebrating the anniversary of Ford’s historic victories at Le Mans has always been a part of the return of the Ford GT,” said Raj Nair, Ford executive vice president, product development, and chief technical officer. “The 2017 Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition is a stunning tribute to the car that kicked off Ford’s string of Le Mans victories in 1966.”

    You can learn more about the package here...


    Designed to celebrate the livery of the historic GT40 Mark II driven to victory by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon, the Heritage Editions will feature a number of unique graphics and materials. They will feature a Shadow Black exterior with either a gloss or matte finish, silver stripes and the exposed carbon-fiber package. They are adorned with Frozen White graphics, including a Number 2 graphics on the hood and door.

    “While the looks are distinctly based on the GT40 Mark II race car,” said Garen Nicoghosian, exterior design manager. “We’ve accentuated new styling cues to provide a modern interpretation.”

    It’s not just the outside of this model that’s special, however. Its carbon fiber seats are covered in Ebony leather featuring pillowed inserts and plow-through stitching. The dash, pillars and headliner also wear an Ebony leather covering. Both the headrests and the steering wheel are debossed with the Ford GT logo, and the dash, X-brace and shift paddles wear gold appliqués.

    By now you are probably thinking you’d be happy with any Ford GT, including this extremely special edition. Well, even if can’t buy one, you can build a virtual version—including the Heritage Edition—over on the car’s online configurator starting around lunch time today. There’s goes your Monday productivity…

    If you want a truly special 2017 Ford GT, you’ll want to order the 2017 Heritage Edition. It celebrates the 1966 Le Mans-winning GT40 Mark II racer piloted by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon with a unique black-and-silver-stripe livery and more.

    The Heritage Edition GT wears one-piece, forged aluminum 20-inch wheels with a gold satin clearcoat. To accent these wheels, the lug nuts that attach them are satin black.

    Inside, the Heritage Edition sports a serialized identification plate, and a Number 2 door graphic. Its doorsills, air register pods and center console are exposed matte carbon fiber.
  2. Tob

    Tob Salut! Staff Member Super Moderator

    Mar 17, 2009
    The Ville
    When I die I'd like to wake up behind the wheel of that car and in those seats in zombie/heaven/whatever mode.

    Do want. Badly.
  3. Willie2

    Willie2 Well-Known Member Premium Member Established Member

    Jul 23, 2008
    got to ask....what's the "2" for on the door? is that for Mark II ?
  4. ViperRed91GT

    ViperRed91GT Lightning Guru Established Member

    Nov 9, 2006
    Moore, OK
    That was the number of the winning car in 1966. I know, googling is hard.
  5. Richard Orland

    Richard Orland New Member Established Member

    Jul 11, 2016
    The Heritage interior has ebony leather around its carbon fiber seats, instrument panel and headliner

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