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2018/19 10R80 Aluminum Driveshaft Issues

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Modification/Discussion' started by ALLKHEINZ, Nov 7, 2018.


    ALLKHEINZ Well-Known Member Established Member

    Nov 16, 2009
    Ontario Canada
    So I have had a DSS 1 piece aluminum DS and a GForce 1 piece aluminum DS in my 2018 mustang 10r80 gt......both i had to pull out of my car because both vibrated....anyone have one in a 2018/19 10r80 Mustang GT that is smooth as butter? let me know, im thinking of trying the carbon fiber QA1 DS next but all this is costing me a small fortune....so far ive paid for 2 driveshafts, paid to have it installed and removed and stock reinstalled twice....I need one as i track my car and dont feel a stock one is going to hold up in an 800rwhp car with a PD blower in it....

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