2021-2023 F150 Beefcake Special Vortech Superchargers


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Authorized Vendor
May 16, 2001
Cincinnati, OH

The wait is over!

The Legendary Beefcake special is now available for your 2021-2023 Ford F-150 with the 5.0L Coyote. Add some serious power to your F-150 with Vortech's V3 Si-Trim Head unit that is averaging an estimated 606HP and 596 LB/FT Torque right out of the box on 91 Octane fuel. Take that and throw in the addition of our beefcake special options and you can take it even farther. By adding some bigger injectors, an upgraded fuel system and a custom tune from our gravy train tuners at Juggernaut and Ortiz and you will have one of the baddest F-150's for sure. This kit not only packs a punch but it also will help maintain that street-ability you have come to love with the Vortech supercharger kits. Call or order now and let us get you dialed in.

Kit Features:
  • V-3 Si-Trim Vortech Head Unit (Choose finish)
  • Air to Air Charge Cooler
  • Excellent Drivability for street or strip
  • Includes JMS Fuel Max Voltage Booster
  • Option to choose Quiet or Loud Gearset
  • Includes Injector Dynamics ID 1050x Injectors (Other options available based on needs)

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