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2021 fluid swap engine, trans, diff

Discussion in 'Terminator Talk' started by silverwhining, Mar 28, 2021.

  1. silverwhining

    silverwhining New Member

    Mar 28, 2021
    Just picked up my first cobra. From what I gather both of what the seller had told me, and using my own judgment, the car is stock. By this i mean not only the parts, but as per what i could remeber to ask the seller, the only thing he had said was changed was the motor oil. The car appears to be up to date and all of the fluid looks like its in decent condition and not overly dirty or cloudy. Now I have tried bouncing around and see what is out for information, however most of the threads are years old, so even with the "beating a dead horse" comments being anticipated, time goes on, new products arise and people find what may work better than what was posted circa 2011. So what im doing is trying to see whats recommended or what other people are using in there cars presently.

    Im getting ready to replace the clutch and that's what started this post, i was originally going to go with penzoil then amz oil, then after even more reading im leaning more towards redline. What about BG has anyone tried them? Cant seem to pinpoint anyone running bg in the t56

    Anyother recommendations or experiences of changing from stock, or being better off stock is welcome. I will as per usual check online as well, im conjunction with the local dealer and performance shop. I know this isnt my typical daily, so if something is going to make a difference out zipping around then id like to hear it, before i dump in manufacturers recommendations.

    Oil - mobil 1 (considering mototcraft, however my vics ive always run mobil, also in cobra now)

    Oil filter- motocraft

    Diff - amz oil?

    Trans - redline atf 4 (main reason for this post) kinda curious if anyones heard opinions on bg

    Coolant- gold mix is whats in now

    Coolant for blower- same

    Powersteering - what dealer recommend?

    Brake fluid - flushout to dot 4 (havent considered brand)

    Also belts?

    Pads? Rotors? (Keeping stock calipers until i have the money for brembo or equivalent)

    Clutch- mcleod superstreet pro
    Flywheel mcleod steel flywheel
    Clutch quadrant- looking at steeda w/ cable and firewall adjuster

    -2003 silver coupe
    41,000 miles
    Mods : flowmaster, short throw......... more to come 20210313_154638.jpeg 20210328_143221.jpeg 20210312_114351.jpeg 20210206_161157.jpeg

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  2. P49Y-CY

    P49Y-CY fomoco, mofo Established Member

    Jun 21, 2003
    that looks real nice, congrats on the purchase!
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  3. efnfast

    efnfast Active Member Established Member

    Apr 28, 2010
    Everybody's going to have their own thoughts about which tranny fluid is best, but a long as it's Dexron III it's fine.

    FWIW I use Motul Multi ATF synthetic - I had the tranny apart at ~250k miles because of a broker roll pin and the shop said that the synco's/etc. looked like i could still get another 200k out of them, so I'm happy with it.
    Motul Multi ATF Synthetic - 1L
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