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4-Sale OEM R58 '95 "R" Wheels (4)

Discussion in 'Wheels/Tires' started by bret a ewing, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. bret a ewing

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    Mar 14, 2005
    Eastern PA
    For sale is 4 Genuine R58 Silver five spoke wheels from a 1995 "R" Model Mustang Cobra.
    I removed the original wheels/tires from my '95 R model at 47 miles and installed these on the car for show and parade use.
    I purchased them used and are not perfect. They are original OEM wheels and have never been refurbished. All four are in good condition. The worst blemish is a ~1" indentation (pictured)
    All four are mounted with (then new) Continental Extreme contact DW's. They are date Coded, "2709".
    The tires have approximately 400 miles and show no wear. I am basically throwing them in for free.
    On the wheel face they are marked on either side of the valve stem ,"620KG" and some hieroglyphics on the other side.
    On the back inside the spokes: "HINODEX", "UM1", "17X9JJ" & 24 in a circle (same spoke), and "MADE IN JAPAN" on a fourth spoke. The fifth is blank.
    Price is $1350 / all 4. Shipping cost is on buyer. Local pickup can be arranged. Postal code:18037. Any question please call, 610.417.4352.

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