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65 mustang disc brake swap issues

Discussion in 'Classic Mustangs' started by OutKast, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. OutKast

    OutKast SVT=Fast Established Member

    Apr 28, 2006
    Pittsburgh, Pa
    First off, i know this is not necessarily a classic mustang site, but i will ask anyway as there seems to be some smart people on here.

    So, about a year ago, the 65 mustang had a SSBC disc brake conversion done. The main reason why is because the existing drum brakes were not working well at all (fronts pulled to one side and one rear was dragging). They had bad stopping power in an emergency stop, but were OK otherwise. SO since the conversion was done, the new brakes just haven't worked. Here is the setup.

    SSBC 4 piston 13" up front (single piston from SSBC listed as for 6 cyl mustangs)
    SSBC rear discs, single piston
    Brake booster
    Master cylinder with 1" bore
    Bias valve
    brake pedal is a cantilevered setup (says the mechanic)
    Also added a electric vacuum pump because engine vacuum was a bit low at 10".
    engine is a 351 Cleveland with 4 BBL carb (i think it is a 71 non mustang motor)
    4 speed manual transmission
    (car was originally a 289 auto) previous owner did the swap.
    9-inch rear, not sure about gears
    The problem is that at the front calipers, there is only 350 to 400 psi of pressure, which SSBC states 1200 psi is needed.

    The shop it is at now, who is not the install shop, says that everything is correctly connected and the system has been bled numerous times.

    SSBC hasn't really been any help as all of their suggestions have already been accounted for (correct hook up, bench bled master cylinder etc.)

    Now i think that even with manual brakes, without Booster, we should be able to generate more than 350PSI at the calipers.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks - Chris

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