'95 Supra Original TT - built auto w/ 83k miles


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Feb 17, 2009
Name: Kyle Hatem
Email: [email protected]
Location: MA
Phone: PM for details and questions
VIN #: JT2JA82J9S0026842
Asking: $33,000

Been going back and forth with my plans for this car between leaving it alone, building or selling, and decided I should test the waters and see if I can free up some cash for the winter. This is my second supra and really a great, solid car that I'll likely miss.

'95 original TT auto targa
Super white
Black interior
Clean carfax - all vins in place except passenger front fender. (Car fax screen shots are included in flickr link below) Previous owner mentioned car being bumped in a parking lot resulting in a replaced fender. The car is straight as an arrow, and the targa comes off/on with ease.

~82,800 miles (may increase slightly)
Original, unopened longblock
PHR/turbonetics 61mm single
PHR stage 1 fuel system (725cc injectors)
HKS Carbon Ti
Fluidyne Radiator
Tuned by Alex @GSD ~450whp on 16psi (93 oct)
a340e built by Best Transmission in Springfield, MA - very well known in New England and owner of multiple supras.
The car is a real joy to drive and sounds great.
Have a slew of receipts from the work on the car. Even have some old documentation from when the car was originally leased back in '95, along with a mileage log-book from every time one of the previous owners drove the car (pointless, but interesting)

Titan 3500 stall converter
Megan Coilovers - no clunks
Boost guage in place of factory clock
Old-school digital wideband on steering column

97/98 headlights and tail lights - both in excellent shape.

Overall the body/paint is in great shape. There are some chips and it's not a show car, but very clean and nice.

The 'bad':
- very slow leak coming from the oil filter/cooler area
- fuel guage is currently not working. I haven't had time to address it.
- the check engine light comes on from time to time. The first time it came on, I jumped the diagnostic port and no code showed up. I drove the car again and it went away after about 15 miles. Has come on/off 4-5 times over the past few months, however the car runs great and haven't noticed anything odd. Seemed to come on in warmer temperatures, and the car is tuned on the rich-side my personal thought is it could be o2 sensor related. Otherwise it could be a sensor on its way out.

Happy to take videos and detailed pictures for anyone interested!






Additional photos live here:

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/with/22102575990/
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Aug 30, 2012
Hey tried to pm you bro but couldn't go thru because you e exceeded your pm quota. Can you text me at 903-714-6075 thanks

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