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96 Mystic got trailered to PDR

Discussion in 'SN95 Cobras' started by Goose17, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Goose17

    Goose17 SVT collector nut Established Member

    May 4, 2012
    I finally got a chance to use my trailer for the first time. It worked like a CHAMP! The trailer brakes worked nicely and my F-150 had zero issues pulling the load across town and back. I also got to see the Mystic paint out in the sun, so I had to grab a few pictures. The whole process went well with the exception of one major incident, which made me sick... more on that in a bit.

    First off, my 96 had a nice ding on the lower forward area of the driver’s door when I got it. It was in a tough spot to get to and it was also on a body line, which makes the PDR process more challenging. I took the car to the only guy in town I trust. He has done work on most of my vehicles... his work is friggin magic!

    The process started yesterday. I pulled the trailer and the car out, took some pics and with the help of my son guiding me in, got it loaded and strapped down without any issues.

    Pics in the sun:




    The homemade ramps worked as designed and the door opened into the escape door:


    I used big straps in the back through the wheels, which were protected by towels:


    Smaller straps plus rubber wheel chocks up front:


    As I was walking away from the trailer, I glanced back and noticed something in the back. I had a look under the trailer and discovered my trailer has an upgraded option I was not aware of - load jacks! These jacks allow you to load/offload without being connected to the truck:



    I closed up and locked the trailer leaving it in the driveway of my house for an early departure. Now for my heart stopping incident...

    We could not find our cat last night. It’s not too uncommon for him to get stuck in neighbor’s garages when they close their door at night, so that’s what I figured happened again. This morning I get up and head out to get one last look before the drive... I open the door of the trailer and out comes my freak’n cat!!!!! I about dropped to my knees. The cat is the biggest threat and that’s why I had it secured in the trailer. Our cat is declawed, but he has still managed to scratch cars with his rough pads. I was sick to my stomach as I looked over the car to see his paw prints and hair everywhere. I had no time to waste, my PDR guy was waiting. I drove there with a knot in my stomach. Once there, I unloaded and was absolutely stunned that I couldn’t find any scratches on the car. There were 2 new dings however. One on the roof and one on the top of the passenger fender. The cat must have jumped and left a divot. Monty, my PDR magician, worked out the original door ding as well as the 2 new cat dings and a few other very tiny ones I had not seen before (his LED light finds every little imperfection). In the end, the car was as smooth as a baby’s butt and it survived round trip without any other issues.

    The rest of the pics:

    Original ding in door:


    The master craftsman:


    All gone!


    Cat crater gone!


    Other tiny imperfections getting worked:


    I was there for quite a few hours. My PDR guy showed my car to all of his customers that stopped by. It was fun to watch their reactions. They hadn’t seen anything like it before and were surprised it came like that from the factory!

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  2. Smooth

    Smooth Well Seasoned Established Member

    Jul 21, 2009
    Nice. And I've always had a very low tolerance of cats...just sayin'.
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  3. 96GT226410

    96GT226410 Active Member Established Member

    Mar 2, 2017
    Vernon, NJ
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