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99 Cobra = High Idle = help Help

Discussion in 'New Edge Cobras' started by icehoc8, Nov 30, 2001.

  1. icehoc8

    icehoc8 New Member Established Member

    Jun 12, 2001
    I have a 99 cobra vert. the mods are 87mm MAS, homemade CAI, Jet chip, bassani x-pipe w/cats. I have noticed that ever since i added a twin 65mm t/b , that i sold a month ago, the idle has been high. Doesn't matter it the mods are taken off or on there. The problem is that when it is cold, I start it up and idle hangs around 1200. I drive a short distance and stop, the idle is at 1200. Until the engine warms up the idle stays around 1200. When it is warm, at a stop it idles at 700-750. When I move at an excess of 10 mph, the idle hangs around 950-1100, no matter is i am coasting @ 65mph or @ 20mph. I took it in to the dealer for the e-brake recall and the rear ball/ knukle joint recall. They did the e-brake and ordered the wrong parts for the other. I picked up my car and they said the idle is high because of the MAS. (The car had all the mod when it went in) I told them that it just started happening and does it w/o the mods as well. his premium tech said that the a/f ratio is 140-145 where as normally it is 115. So its running rich. They told me the only way to solve the problem is reflash the computer, abd they want $$$. Any advice? I have tried everything, the IAC is working, no vaccum leaks, reset the battery a # of times, etc...

    I need help & don't want to pay $$$.

    thanks, Ryan

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