A Look Back at Something to Look Forward To | ModNats 2019

A Look Back at Something to Look Forward To | ModNats 2019


In a world of uncertainty and canceled events, it’s nice to look back at a race that weekend from a few months back and look forward to the future. Mod Nationals 2019 was an amazing event, even though it kicked off with a rainy start. It was a gathering of like-minded Ford fanatics, fast cars, and some of the best vendors the aftermarket has to offer.

So what makes Mod Nats different? First, it feels like a much tighter group of racers. There’s a very real sense of comradery in the pits. We saw more than one racer helping a competitor fix his broken car to get back out on the track. You really don’t see that everywhere. The payouts for winning a class also tends to be higher at ModNats than we typically see elsewhere. Running a lean operation allows the organizers to reinvest a large portion of the proceeds back into the racer’s purse.

So while things may be on shaky ground for many events over the next several months, with any luck the American populace will be long recovered from Covid-19 before Mod Nats 2020. In case you were wondering, that event is scheduled for Nov 13-15 at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Adel, GA. Mark your calendars now, and we’ll see you there.

That seems like so long ago....
Yes it does!
Mother Nature really bent us over with that goddam nor’easter that just wouldn’t leave.
Sunday turned out to be good, but after rainouts fri and sat it was a helluva busy single day race.
Justin and his team did a great job to still pull off the event and I already have it on my schedule for this year.
To me it really is a race to target and support, I really hope nothing sabotages getting my car there this year.
I really feel like this will be the year, but I’ve said that the last 3 years grrr :)
Thanks for posting the pics Sid!

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