Adding a Manual Fan Switch


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Jun 16, 2002
Southeast, PA
For various reasons I think it would be nice to be able to manually turn on the fan. I found the following on the corral tech section about adding a switch to a '96. I am wondering if anyone knows that the wire color code is still the same on the 03. Anyone have the 03 wiring diagram to confirm this?
Here are the instructions from the Corral (courtesy of Scott 96 and Purple Haze):

Pull the passenger kick panel and locate the LIGHT-GREEN wire with the purple stripe. NOTE: There IS a dark-green one on the Cobra….(wrong one - it's a knock sensor wire). Anyway......once you have located this wire....which will be grouped with a bunch of other wires running from the EEC up the back of the fire-wall - hard to find, but it’s there......(very difficult to get to - Yoga helps).....tap into this wire (don't cut it in 2, just tap into it) and then solder it back up and tape it nicely. Then to test it quickly turn your key on to cycle, and touch the other end of the wire to the ground bolt (also under the kick panel). You will hear the fan turn on....YEY. Now, you are NOT done yet! Wire in a 1/2 amp in-line fuse holder with fuse (safety reasons - no other purpose) and then continue this wire to a switch and ground the other side of the switch. You are all set! Kenny Brown sells this package for quite a bit and they give you a switch that goes in the glove box. You could put it there if you want. I have a coupe, so I purchased an additional Fog-light switch and installed it in place of the coin holder. It's nice and neat and accessible.

Grounding this particular wire simply closes the high-speed fan relay and turns on the fan!"

Any thoughts?


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May 25, 2001
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Its a great mod if you do a lot of drag racing, allows you to cool the motor between runs (be careful not to drain the battery), other that that if its like I think it is I believe the fan runs when the temp reaches a certain point, or if the AC is on, and about 45 MPH it turns off. There is more air coming in at that point than the fan can pull. What about a couple of small fans down behind the intercooler???? Been kinda thinking about that.
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May 17, 2002
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JTFX that mod was designed primarily for the 96 Cobra which had a real tendency to run hot, even after the fix was done,. I see no indication of the 03 running hot so wherefore I think it would be a waste of your efforts. Although Edz does have a point about cooling it down at the dragstrip.:beer:

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