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May 16, 2001
Cincinnati, OH
The guys at Aeromotive stopped by the shop last week and gave us a break down of how the NEW-ish Aeromotive Flexfuel Sensor Adapter works. So i wanted to put a post up about it.

Allows for the use of an Ethanol Sensor (Flexfuel Sensor) to determine the percentage of ethanol in fuel

It is designed to work in tandem with the restrictive OEM Flex Fuel Sensor to help measure ethanol content while keeping fuel moving through your system. The adapter has ORB-10 inlets and outlets that can be adapted to any size fuel line and works with these OE part numbers - 13577429, 13577379, and 13577394.

• OEM Sensor is Restrictive for Fuel Systems that Flow Greater than 400lph
• The Adapter Allows for Higher Flow Rate as it Creates an Alternative Route for the Fuel to take While Still Using the Sensor to Monitor the Ethanol Content
• Dual O-Ring Sealing on Tubing of the Flexfuel Sensor
• ORB -10 Inlet/Outlet Ports that can be Adapted to any Fuel Line Size
• Adapter Body Constructed from 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy with Bright Dip Anodize Finish

Video -
Purchase Here: Aeromotive Flex Fuel AN-10 Sensor Adapter - 15141

Please call or email with any questions!!!! 855-827-7223 or [email protected]

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