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Svt Turkey Farmer
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Apr 29, 2011
Arborg, MB, Canada
Well at the drag strip watching a few cars race it was dead for a long weekend, seen a red zl1 thinking car looks pretty good plate said 4rcfed or something like that. well since it was pretty boring at the strip and test and tune was day before figured i'd leave. As i'm walking to my car so is the guy in the zl1 and he just leaves before me so i am right behind him. The road out of the strip is gravel so the zl1 has it in 1st and is putting along and i'm right behind him. We get to the highway no one coming he turns right I follow but pull out to pass him didn't want to wait. Guess he didn't like that to much as i'm not hitting it hard just as im trying to pass he nails it as i see him do that i do the same he gets a little out and that didn't last long i start pulling away from him after i started pulling on him pretty good not sure if he missed a gear or just let off b/c i was way ahead at top of 4th. after that set cruise at speed limit guy went by giving me thumbs up gave him a wave back, always fun going against the zl1's
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