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Antenna delete for less than $3 and looks stock

Discussion in 'How-To' started by DuffManRHA, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. DuffManRHA

    DuffManRHA The cake is not a lie. Established Member

    Apr 30, 2006
    Temecula, CA
    Like many, I didn't like the height of the stock antenna, so I cut it down and reattached the ball. Had it like that for awhile and while better than stock, I wanted to just delete it since I never listen to the radio, and even if I had to use it like in an emergency, I could still listen okay w/o the antenna installed. I wanted to do something that could easily be reversed, should I want to put the antenna back in for some reason, so I didn't want to use the 00R antenna delete.

    Went to Home Depot and got some #10-24 bolts that were 1" long, and some screw covers that worked PERFECTLY, and it came out really nice IMO, for something so simple. I have pics of the parts used also if anyone wants to duplicate it, so that way you know the size of the bolts, length needed, and even part numbers so its easy to find. Even though the bolts are size #10-24, I had to use #6 covers, since the #10 ones were too large for the antenna base. Just took the #6 covers and drilled them to make the correct #10 bolt fit, and voila!

    I'd say feel free to ask if you have any questions, but I don't think it gets any easier than this for a evening project :lol:






    Even though you can kind of tell that the cap is slightly bigger than the base, if only by .5 of a mm, you can't tell with the naked eye really. Unfortunately, the car is still dirty, viewed with the naked eye or close up photos :lol:
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