Ate The Yellow Snow... Raptor Content...

Took the Raptor to Lake Tahoe to play. First time going out in the snow. Got stuck and learned how to get unstuck. Ate some yellow snow. Made it back in one piece. Life is good.

When God invented the Raptor he made it with white letter tires, sad that Ford cut it out for production. Glad your truck is half correct! I'd do bad things to drive that Raptor every day haha, looks like a ton of fun.
After shoveling out the driveway I really want a raptor with a plow on it.

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Beautiful truck, man! I drove all through Yosemite with ALL the snow on the ground in Feb of 17. The truck, and the tires, handled GREAT.

Also, I didn't realize that was you in the Raptor FB pages when I saw this truck on there. lol
Feel like I'm having some issues pop up on my 2018. What's wrong with yours?

First - timing belt tensioner. It was gone nearly a month while this issue was resolved. Happened around 14,000 miles or so.

Second - charging system fault. Cable from the alternator to the fuse box worked itself loose on a trip from Texas to Arkansas. Bad timing.

Third - wrench icon when driving down the highway. Went into limp mode. Replaced throttle body, air speed sensor and turbo boost sensor. Happened around 22,000 miles.

Fourth - APIM went bad. Touchscreen stopped working, blue tooth stopped working, steering wheel radio controls stopped working. Took about 3 days to fix. Happened around 26,000 miles.

Fifth - Check engine light. Crankcase pressure sensor had to be replaced. Happened at 34,500 miles.

This is on my 2018 Raptor

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