Battle at the Beach '14 Winner: Bobby Smith


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Jun 26, 2014
Fort Mill SC
This years Battle at the Beach Dyno Challenge was full of stiff competition. Fresh off of our inaugural event last year, everybody wanted a piece of the action to try and show off just what their Mustang had. With only 10 chosen out of hundreds of submissions, Bobby Smith's 06 Mustang GT rose to the top to take away the trophy for 2014.

Bobby's 2006 GT has a load of modifications, including:
• Pro Dyno Built 323, 9.3:1 compression
• Kellog stroker crank
• Oliver billet rods
• CP pistons stainless rings
• Stock heads
• Manley SS intake valves and Manley inconel exhaust valves, both stock size
• Lunati custom turbo cams that are locked out
• Jessel followers
• Livernoise springs
• ARP everything
• Stock intake, throttle body and exhaust manifolds
• S&H Performance Stealth twin kit with cut outs open.

Although he originally was shooting for 1000RWHP+ on Race Gas, Bobby ran into some electrical problems, and had to go 93 octane, but still able to put down an amazing 927.8RWHP, which was enough to win this years event!

Scroll through the pictures below to check out Bobby's 'stang, as well as Pro Dyno's own Dan DeSio handing off the trophy!

Congratulations to Bobby and his beautiful Eleanor!




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