Beefcake Racing Exclusive 2020 Plus Shelby GT500 Resonator Delete H Pipe with install video


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Authorized Vendor
May 16, 2001
Cincinnati, OH
Wanted to share the install video we did yesterday for the Beefcake Racing exclusive LTH Brand H Resonator Delete. I'm going to work on better sound clips, but we had 40mph winds yesterday, so we weren't getting a ton of love from mother nature!

Several Questions we get asked.

1 - Is this for stock or aftermarket headers?
answer - this is designed to work in place of the factory resonator on the oem catback with oem or any aftermarket header that meets at the factory connection point. It is possible you can make it work with aftermarket catbacks that meet at the factory connection point, but we haven't tried. All of your factory modes will continue to work as originally intended.

2 - How long is the install?
answer - install should take any competent shop less than 1 hour, or anyone with a home lift. Can still be done on jack stands, just makes cutting the oem exhaust a little tougher.

3 - Does this affect emissions?
answer - you are not removing any catalytic converters from the oem exhaust. All factory emissions components remain in tact.

4 - Is this actually in stock, we have been waiting over a year for an h pipe?
answer - yes, these are in stock at our store, we are now shipping our 2nd batch of these out to customers. other companies have been promising these for over a year. we were tired of waiting for one for our own shelby, so we decided to partner with LTH (Long Tube Headers) and in less than 2 months we have orders shipping to customers, and a full inventory in stock with no wait. Not to mention, this comes in about 15% less than anything we've seen advertised, that isn't even available at this time.

Can be ordered here
LTH H Style Resonator Delete Titan Finish (2020-2022 Mustang Shelby GT500) FDRD00005T

Now onto the install!


beefcake racing lth gt500 h pipe.jpg

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