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I have volunteered to go through the Terminator "How-To" thread to fix broken links. This thread is my work in progress. When finished, it will be moved by Brad to the proper sub-forum. I will be experimenting with the format and layout as I go along. Please do not post any comments and wait until I'm finished. Thanks. :)


Note: All clickable links are colored blue.

SVTPerformance Rules
A Must-Read!
Here you'll find all of the SVTPerformance rules.

Terminator FAQs
Important Read for all Terminator owners and those interested in the Terminator. You'll find lots of information specific to the 2003-2004 Cobra, answers to basic and technical questions, answers to modifications questions, quality issues and TSBs.

With more POWER you'll need MORE FUEL (what you need to know)
Fuel System Upgrade Options
Return Style Wiring Allowing OE Type Fuel Pump Actuation

Free or CHEAP mods thread
This thread has information on free or very inexpensive modifications for your '03-'04 Cobra, and instructions where applicable.

What mods do you regret?
Some mods just don't work out as planned. Members share their own experiences to help you from maybe making the same mistake.

OASIS Reports
If you need an OASIS Report, we've got you covered. Go here for instructions on how to obtain a Report for your vehicle, or one you are interested in.

Weight Savings Tips
Most folks who race their Terminators try to save power-robbing weight. This is an excellent thread the details where you can save weight. It is very extensive.

E-85 Users - The Distillery Sub-Forum
Looking for help with E85 fuel for your Terminator? This is a Search link that will give you a list of E-85 fuel threads. Not all of the threads are Terminator specific, so you'll have to browse through the list and choose the one(s) that are most related to your question or need.

Commonly Used Acronyms
Ever see a word in a thread and wonder what it meant. Well, this thread provides most of the commonly used acronyms here on SVTPerformance. It is a definitely recommended read as understanding the acronyms will help you better understand a post containing an acronym.

Cure For Alternators Woes
It is pretty much common knowledge that the '03-'04 Cobra alternator can be a source of consternation. This thread discusses the reasons why your '03-'04 Cobra alternator might fail, and what you can do about it. Excellent thread!

Eaton Porting How-To Threads (Posi Performance)
Plenum Port Process
How To Home Port The Eaton
(Posi Performance)
Stiegemeier Data Log Sheet

Original How-To Compilation List

This is the ORIGINAL How-To-Compilation List. It contains a complete list of write-ups on various modifications/maintenance that can be done to the '03-'04 Cobra.
New How-To Compilation List
This is the NEW How-To-Compilation List. It contains an updated list of write-ups on various modifications/maintenance that can be done to the '03-'04 Cobra.

Best Rear Tire Thread
This is an extensive discussion on the Toyo Proxes R888 tire.

How To Identify Terminator Heads
This Thread Explains How To Identify Your Terminator Heads

BEST Terminator Cooling Mods:
Best Thermostat

This thread discusses the Reische Performance 170 degree high performance thermostat.

More Air! Best Terminator Cooling Mod Ever
Wanting to get the optimum flow of cool air to your engine bay? This thread discusses the Tiger Racing carbon fiber and fiberglass hoods.

Hood Vents Mod
This thread shows you how to easily mod your '03-'04 Cobra hood vents to increase the amount of hot air expelled through the hood. To see photos of the finished mod, CLICK HERE.

KILLER CHILLER H/E Switchable Bypass
Read this thread to learn how to bypass the heat exchanger after installing the Killer Chiller.

Corrosion Protection For Aluminum Radiators

Read how to provide corrosion protection for your Fluidyne radiator and other aluminum radiators.

Leaking Fluidyne
Discussion concerning a Fluidyne radiator leak.

Catastrophic Fluidyne Failure
Another Fluidyne Failure Discussion.

Mishimoto Radiator Install
Review of Mishimoto Radiator Installation.

Stainless Coolant Crossover Tube Plugs
Custom Replacement Plugs Announcement & Review

Burp/Fill Procedure
Here Is The Procedure For Re-Filling And Burping The '03-'04 Cobra Radiator

Get The Correct Terminator Steering Rack
Detailed Discussion On How To Find The Correct '03-'04 Cobra Steering Rack

I've Been Ripped Off By LFP

Discussion By Ray Hilton Describing How LFP Copied His Boost Overlay

Finally A Little Justice!
Ray Hilton Gets A Small Degree Of Justice Against LFP From eBay

Red Turtle Started This Tread To Give Away A Free Idler Set. It Lives On As The Thread To Use To Give Away Free Parts To Help Others In Need.

A List of the Terminator Twin Screw Guys

This Thread Contains A List Of Terminator Owners Who Have Converted To A Twin-Screw Set-up. Includes Blower and Engine Specs.

Head TSB Clarification

Discussion About The Head Tick TSB And Some Clarifications.

'03 Mustang (Cobra) Service Manual Download
Instructions On How To Download The '03 Mustang (Cobra) Service Manual. This Manual Is A Must For All Terminator Owners.

Does Your Terminator Have A Name?
This Thread Is A Compilation Of Names Owners Have Given Their Terminators.

Terminator Build Numbers
Thread Is Dedicated To The Build Numbers Of SVTP Member Terminators.

Terminator Convertible Color Combo Numbers
List Of '03-'04 Cobra Convertible Color Combo Numbers

Mystichrome Owners Build Dates and Numbers
This Thread Contains Mystichrome Owners' Build Date & Numbers

How To Get Your Build Certificate
Read This Thread For Help Getting Your Terminator Build Certificate.

How To Get An Aluminum Build/ID Plate For The Terminator Radiator Shroud
This Thread Discusses How To Get A 'Terminator ID Plate'. These Were Originally Available From Gary Lout. You Can Also Click HERE To See What ID Plate Options You Have. One Is Identical To Gary Lout's Old ID Plate And The Other Source Offers A Different Style ID Plate.

Caged 4lb Lower Pulley
This Thread Discusses A New 4 lb. Lower Pulley That Uses The Factory Cage.

Here Are A Few Things That All New Terminator Owners Should Read & Possess:

1.) The awesome Terminator book (Iron Fist, Lead Foot) website!
Welcome to the home of "Iron Fist, Lead Foot".

2.) Their owner's manual.
Download A PDF Copy HERE From CobraBob's Terminator FAQs.

3.) Their SVT Supplement
Download A PDF Copy HERE From CobraBob's Terminator FAQs.

4.) The 2003 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra Brochure (16 Pages)
Download A PDF File HERE From CobraBob's Terminator FAQs

5.) 2003 Mustang (Cobra) Service Manual
Download a PDF file (4,378 pages) HERE from CobraBob's Terminator FAQs.
Download the zip file HERE (courtesy of to burn a CD version of the Service Manual. Go to the bottom of the page and look for Service Manual. Click on the thumbnail image to download the zip file.

6.) Tremec T-56 Service Manual
Click HERE To Download A PDF Copy Of The Tremec T-56 Service Manual.

There is lots of info in the six documents above that would eliminate a lot of already-asked-and-answered questions.
Note: 2,3 & 4 courtesy of CobraBob.

Fastest '03-'04 Cobras:
Official 2014 List Of Fastest '03-'04 Cobras
Official 2013 List Of Fastest '03-'04 Cobras

>>> SVTP Members, PLEASE READ! >>>
Decriptive Thead Titles DO Matter!
Please include enough detail to your thread title to help make the message/question as clear as possible.
No! "04 Cobra.." or "HELP!" This are insufficient and non-descriptive thread titles.
Yes! "My battery keeps dying. Is my alternator the cause?"
Note: The new forum software helps in this area because you can hover over the thread title and read the original post for more info.

It would be very helpful if everyone who starts a thread addressing an issue/problem also posts up the cause and solution after they figure it out. This will help those in the future with a similar problem who might read through the thread looking for the solution. Threads containing both the issue and solution/recommendation enhance the benefits of SVTPerformance to all.
(Idea courtesy of Cobra Bob!):[/B]

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