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May 20, 2008
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Hey guys... going to do some coil overs in the boss this year... was wondering what the best bang for your buck setup is... i would ideally like something with adjustable compression and rebound... i got my car to sit perfectly with my wheel/tire setup that i have now... but i am going to soon get a 18" setup for road coursing and want to be able to set it up for that as well. I also want to be able to jack the car up a bit when i got to the drag strip so i can get a bit more weight transfer... any input? Ground control, Eibach, etc. Thanks guys.

This also means that my custom H&R supersports will be for sale.



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Mar 31, 2013
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I would suggest that you contact someone like Cortex or Vorslag.

I'm sure I'm missing other big Mustang suspension people with this quick reply....but....I think it would be time well spent. These folks can make recommendations based on what suspension mods you already have and what you want to accomplish. I'm just thinking this will potentially save you time, money and headaches.

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What I'm driving at want all your suspension upgrades to compliment each other.....since coil overs are a significant cost / would be nice not to have to change a bunch of other components in order to maximize your benefits of the coil overs.
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Aug 13, 2014
Not to sound mean, but you really need to pick one or the other, Road race or drag. It's hard to jump back and forth to maximize grip for each setup unless you have the time to do it. Weight transfers are different. Whats the rest of your setup, maybe we can work on something in the middle. I don't always jump on the coil over band wagon myself. I have used them on many cars I have had in the past, have had them on my current car. Right now testing out a simple Spring and shock combo that I really like, however I did have to make other changes on sway bars.

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