Biggest Race Star Sale Ever!


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Jun 21, 2013
Valdosta, GA
I've got some 17x7s and 18x10.5s in my cart on your site. What kind of lugs do I need for my 13 (center/off-set washers)? And how long is this sale running? I'm going to get them, but I need to wait on some money coming in to replace my savings. Lol


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Jan 20, 2012
Just ordered on your website with lugs.Looks like a great deal when I compared to prices on line.

Not going to need them till next year but don't want to lose out on this sale!

Hopefully car will have TT on it ,waiting for me when I get back from deployment so will be shopping for tires then.
Looks like Hoosier makes a 17 inch slick.

I am sure I will need the DSS 800 HP half shafts.No plans to make more than that and hopefully they are lighter than the 1400 HP version(Ford racing and DSS)
Any thoughts on the DSS drive shaft ? Will a one piece really be needed like with the 11-14's?
I would really like to avoid adding any unnecessary of NVH to the car.
I don't want it to end up like my 12(blue).
Love the car ,but can really only stand it now going down quarter mile -Plan to turn that one in to a full blown race car( once I get my auto swap in )...might as well as already drives and sound like

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