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Caliper Fexion Stud Kit COMPLETE

Discussion in 'Suspension/Brakes' started by THEHOZ, Mar 31, 2019.


    THEHOZ Member Established Member

    Mar 4, 2014
    This is a brand new complete kit for $175 shipped
    Replace your one-time use factory front brake caliper bolts with much superior, 4340 CT10 coated studs. Threads on both ends are rolled for exceptional strength and smoothness. Kit includes four studs, four 12 point steel ARP 1/2" x 20tpi nuts, four hardened ARP washers, two jam nuts (for installation only), thread locker for the knuckle end of the stud, ARP thread lubricant for the nut end (optional use), and complete instructions.
    This kit comes with the optional extension sleeves to assist in changing the brake pads with red stops.
    Caliperfexion CT10 4340 Stud Kit ***Out of Stock Until Further Notice***

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