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Correlation of MAF V and FTP V ?

Discussion in '2nd Generation' started by Twisted99, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. Twisted99

    Twisted99 New Member Established Member

    Dec 14, 2000
    Fairhope, Ala. USA
    SO...I've been having a problem with Lean Bank 1 and 2 codes setting continuously. A couple of times I have had a EGR code relating to flow rate I recall. Today looking at a log playback the FTP never went above 2.64 v and the Maf was around the same.
    If I remember right the FTP value should be about .99-1.00 volt at idle with the high end being around 4.5 volts. Mine was reading 1.38v @ idle today so..I guess my FTP needs adjusting and or replacement. I have cleaned the MAF sensor with some denatured alcohol. What values should I read on the MAF and which pins do I back probe? Do I really need to put a meter on these if the Predator readout tells me these values....I would say no..but I have been wrong before...

    The truck idles fine..and runs well....I hear no detonation.

    Having started to pursue this I have added a few cans of SeaFoam over time and would like to think the injectors are not dirty. The filter is changed about every 3-4 thousand. The truck has a Ported Eaton and a 4 # pulley with electric fan. Plugs are NGK's and are not too old. I have cleaned the air filter and reoiled..and cleaned the MAF sensor after that. I am using the Lightning Enterprise PCV setup and cleaned the intake about 20000 miles back when installing the Ported Eaton. Looking at the HEGO sensor voltages they seem to be switching ok....

    Thanks for any ideas and lining me out on the MAF vs FTP thing....

    97000 miles on the truck..2001
  2. blownsvtlightning

    blownsvtlightning New Member Established Member

    Jun 7, 2002
    Houston Texas (clear Lake)
    FTP is fuel tank pressure, it only changes voltage when the vapor management valve pulls a vacuum on the fuel tank.... the only other sensor that really correlates with the maf is the TPS... they should increase in voltage evenly
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2005

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