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Oct 18, 2011
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Isn’t That Crate
Borla built its new mufflers to maximize your Coyote 5.0 engine swap
By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Borla Performance Industries

Crate motors are all the rage when it comes to revitalizing an aging project or powering a ground-up build. It’s easy to understand why because they offer modern performance and driveability in a reliable package. They do, however, require supporting hardware and some custom work depending on your application.

Since a custom exhaust system is often part of the equation with a crate-motor install, Borla Performance Industries developed a series of mufflers designed just for these vehicles—CrateMufflers. These units are designed for custom installations and matched via inlet and outlet diameter to specific engine displacements and power ratings.

You can hear the company’s Coyote-specific CrateMufflers in action right here…


“Borla CrateMufflers are as unique as the engines they’re matched to focusing on terrific sound, optimal performance, improved aesthetics, and minimal highway cruising cabin resonance,” says the company. “The materials and construction are Borla-proven T304 stainless steel with an upscale brush-finish and the Borla Million-Mile Warranty.”

These mufflers also offer a clever mounting system that uses a removable endplate bracket that’s laser-cut with the Borla logo. These mounts can be utilized for a direct, welded mount or a removable hanger.

“Borla Performance engineers spent hundreds of hours fabricating, installing, and sound-testing many prototypes on various popular vehicle/engine configurations. This process included the available muffler space, typical hanger placement, and overall muffler aesthetics,” says the company. “During the research and development we tested and evaluated CrateMufflers on many engines installed in numerous vehicle platforms. In summary we optimized CrateMufflers to function in a specific directional-flow of vehicle exhaust.”

If CrateMufflers sound like the ticket for your project, they are available for around $275 to $285 each depending on the muffler style—Touring, S-Type or ATAK—and configuration. In addition to Coyote engines, they are also available tailored for Ford big-block, FE and small-block engines.


If you want a nice rumble for your naturally aspirated Coyote engine that’s not too aggressive, these S-Type mufflers are recommended. They are available with an offset 2 ½-inch inlet/outlet (PN 400855; $275.99).


Those seeking a more aggressive Coyote sound can opt for two different ATAK mufflers, one with a offset inlet and center outlet (PN 400856; $285.99) and one with offset 2 ½-inch outlets (PN 400858; $285.99).


If you need to further tame the exhaust note, you can also install these optional resonators with a 2 ½-inch inlet and 3 ½-inch outlet (PN 400938; $115.99).

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