Coyote Swap + Factory Airbags?


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Aug 15, 2016
Kanata, Ontario
Hi all,

Looking to potentially do a 5.0 coyote/6R80 swap into a 99 Ford SVT lightning. The newbie question I have is how do I maintain the factory driver and passenger airbags? I have read a lot on these swaps. For some S197 swaps they make use of the 2012-14 airbags in the 2005-2009 vehicle. For earlier mustangs some use a transistor to short turn off the airbag light and disable them.

I would like to maintain full factory operation of the two air bags in the 99 F150. Both of them have a separate module but I don't know if they are linked to the ECU or completely standalone? Anyone with more insight on this?

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