CUSTOM TUNES for the 2021+ F-150 By 5Star Tuning!!


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Sep 14, 2020
Wellington, FL
Hey all!

5Star Tuning just released their CUSTOM TUNES for the 2021 and UP Ford F-150!


Now if you’ve been unaware, the 2021+ F-150’s have been untunable due to their Cloud-Based PCM, but now, it appears that 5Star Tuning has cracked the code.

They have been able to tune Ecoboost Trucks, including 2.7L, 3.5L, and the Raptor, as well the 5.0L.

For the tuning, they give options for just about every possible modification to make sure they get a proper tune for your truck, including intake manifolds, headers, superchargers, E85, throttle bodies, gear ratio, tire size, and more! Along with a custom tune, they also can disable the Auto Stop/Start Feature

At the moment, they are on a Pre-order status, as the software used finishes up for the public. They are expected to start shipping towards the end of November/early December of 2022.

Check the tunes out here and be one of the first to have your 2021+ F-150 Tuned!

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Jan 29, 2006
Holy smokes, i was waiting for an SCT based tuner to finally get it done.

Im guessing the SCT X4 will allow flashing like normal without the requirement to unplug the ECU?

Its still a SCT X4 7015 device but they added a "G" to the part number. Wonder what that is about....

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