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Apr 29, 2001
"This is a forum for information regarding law enforcement, traffic laws, current events in law enforcement, and a place for the boys in blue to hang out. This is NOT the place to flame cops or complain about the ticket you got.:nono: If you have questions feel free to ask.:thumbsup: This forum is moderated by L.E.O.'s. (Law Enforcement Officers).

"Some jerk cop gave me a ticket for no reason" threads, "Cops are pricks because...." and the like are not welcome.

Flaming, Derogatory Comments and/or Flippant Remarks about L.E.O.s and/or L.E. is NOT permitted. If you can NOT post constructively then do NOT post at all!

If you have to add the comment "No Offense" or anything of a similar meaning, then you need to edit your post or not post at all!

Additionally, if a thread says "L.E.O.s" or anything to that effect, that means the author wants only Law Enforcement Officers to post responses in that thread. Please respect the author's request by not posting. If you have information that might be of use to the author simply send him/her a P.M.

NOTE: Please be aware that anyone stating they are a L.E.O. will receive a PM from one of the moderators asking them to verify their status as a F/T sworn L.E.O. This is done to maintain the accuracy of information that is put forth in this forum. If you are not willing to cooperate in the verification process please dont post that you are a L.E.O. Thank you for your consideration.

Thank you,

Hillie and FordSVTFan."
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