Eaton w/ Reichard Racing 2.95 Pulley

Guy Fawkes

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Jun 14, 2008
For Sale: Stock Eaton with a reichard racing 2.95 pulley.
Condition: Excellent (used)
Included Parts: Stock IAT, TPS, plenum, TB, eaton itself + 2.95 pulley, EGR valve, and a replacement boost actuator.
Price: $250 + shipping

A little info: I orignally purchased this for around $360 and was going to use it for a project. I came to the realization I was not going to be able to complete it so now I am selling it to cover the cost of my Network+ certification. Its in great condition and the snout was recently rebuilt by a local NC speed shop. It has in total around 10k miles on it, and only 500 since the rebuild. ([ame=]stock 03-04 cobra supercharger - Forums[/ame]) is the link to the orignal purchase by me.

This will be my first time shipping something so heavy so if you have any suggestions on how to ship/pack it please let me know. More than likely I will ship UPS for tracking and verification purposes. I will have it insured as well.

If you happen to be local to NC and want to pick this up please PM me. here are some pictures





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