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Exhaust help needed!

Discussion in 'Driveline' started by JMetro64, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. JMetro64

    JMetro64 Member Established Member

    Aug 7, 2009
    I recently just purchased a 2004 cobra and this is the second one I have owned. The car makes about 645 rear wheel horsepower and 560rwtq. The issue I am having is that the car is louder than I would like. It has jba mid length headers, an off-road Mac 3 inch H pipe, and a 3 inch Mac exhaust. It also has a built MMR motor which I'm sure doesn't help either. I bought a used borla touring exhaust to throw on the car hoping that it would solve the problem. But unfortunately it does not line up with the mid pipe, also my shop strongly advised against me going from a 3in exhaust(which I have now) to the 2.5 in borla. So where we are at currently is that I ordered 2 Stainless works turbo chambered mufflers to held in place of the Mac mufflers. I am sceptical about the muffler swapp quieting the car down that much so after hours of research I am contemplating 2 options: 1)going for a 2.5 inch Bassani mid pipe(works with mid length headers) and using my Borla touring catback. Or 2) seeing how it sounds with the new mufflers and if it is too loud, put high flow cats on the mid pipe or see of i can find a 3 inch catted X pipe(which I have not yet). Any recommendations are very appreciated!
  2. slo984now

    slo984now AKA 01yellerCobra Established Member

    Oct 5, 2005
    San Diego
    What about picking up a couple resonator type mufflers and having them welded into the mid pipe?

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