FEELER: 1994 GT DOHC swapped


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May 24, 2009
I'm on the fence on selling my 94 mustang. I bought the car fully 97 Cobra swapped with a V1 and unfortunetly a piston went out on me due to running lean. Things have been pilling up these days and my luck isnt swinging my way on the car so I think its time to let it go. The motor is in the car and its just little stuff now but I have too much on my plate to finish the car.

Mod list now includes:
-Fully built 4.6 teskid block with diamond pistons and mod max connecting rods
-03 cobra heads( has 9 thread time serts in them)
-03 Mach 1 intake
-10:1 compression and good to 800hp
-Brand new boost a pump
-#60 injectors
-BA3000 MAF
-V1 S/C with the 3.36 pulley, pushed 10 psi
-Head cooling mod
-CX racing intercooler 31x12x3 and all the piping
-T45 with 4.10s
-17x9 and 17x10.5 Cobra R rims with brand new 315 NT05R

Id perfer to sell the car as is but I will part out smaller items, not the longblock.
Ill post pics soon once I can get a good camera

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