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FS: 66 Mustang Fastback $8,000 obo

Discussion in 'Classic Mustangs' started by 01blckcobra, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. 01blckcobra

    01blckcobra Active Member Established Member

    Sep 5, 2009
    My Father's car.
    Car has sat for at least 12 years.
    For Sale 1966 Fastback, 302 v8 (325hp) , C4 automatic, 4 wheel disc brakes, needs master cylinder, runs, needs restoration work. (Front fenders, rear quarters, rocker panels, hood, and truck lid.
    Floors seem okay from look underneath. Floor patch wasn't done properly. Patch panel was laid over top of oem floor. Front subframe / bumper mount (support) has rust holes. Roof is still in decent shape. Original glass. Did not find rust around window sills. There is rust starting at very bottom lip on the doors.
    Was a lot of bondo used, in my opinion, when the car was repainted 20yrs ago. Roof is oem paint. Rear Seat in decent condition, Oem from what I remember. Front seats were recovered and in decent condition. Back on driver seat, needs to be slide back on. Motor was slapped in and never cleaned up. Is a small header flange leak. Needs a new manifold gasket..
    There's about 5,500 miles on motor and transmission(oem trans).
    If I get time, I will replace the master cylinder and test drive the vehicle, and will update. Thanks.
    $8,000 obo
    Beloit, Wisconsin
    Question concerns, feel free to ask. Thanks.

    20190609_155031.jpg 20190609_155049.jpg 20190609_155059.jpg 20190609_155137.jpg 20190609_155249.jpg 20190609_155310.jpg 20190609_155348.jpg 20190609_155412.jpg 20190609_155752.jpg 20190609_160729.jpg
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