FS: Autotap Serial with Ford Enhanced Parameters


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Jun 21, 2001
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I have an AutoTap hardware version 2 model AT2 with ford enhanced parameters for your personal computer for sale. It has a serial interface (9 pin connector).

I sent AutoTap an email asking about the capabilities of my autotap and this is their response.

This is a V2 hardware unit, so you should be able to use V3
software. This unit is for Ford vehicles (using J1850 PWM protocol)
only, and will not translate the CAN signal from the newer Fords. We do
have a trade-in/upgrade program that allows you to order model
ATUATENDOM for $249. You will receive our newest USB version of hardware
that covers all 5 protocols used by OBDII vehicles, and the enhanced
registration for GM, Ford, and most Chrysler vehicles. After you receive
your new unit, return your current hardware to my attention at our 707
Dayton Road address.

So you can buy my unit and use it or you can buy my unit and trade it in with 250 and get the new autotap unit with all the enhanced parameters (MSRP 500).

I paid ~300 new on 9/27/02. You pay 150 shipped now. (firm)


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