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FS or Trade: MM Control Arms, Race Valve Bilsteins, Hypercoil, Griggs Springs

Discussion in 'Suspension/Brakes' started by Stock Motor, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Stock Motor

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    Jan 11, 2006
    Hey guys, I'm looking to sell or trade either of these parts for ones that I need.

    First off, one pair of Bilstein race valve shocks for 79-04 Mustang solid axle. Maximum's part number is BE5-6418-MM2. I purchased these from a road race forum member that I frequent, however I did not realize they are too much shock for what I'm doing with the car. These are designed for a ~325 in/lb spring give or take. They have 3000 miles on them and there are no dings in the shock bodies, they are in real nice shape. They are grooved for coilovers, all you would need is your springs and a MM coilover kit for Bilsteins. MM is asking $144.95 per shock plus shipping. I will take $200 shipped or trade straight up for either Bilstein HD's or Bilstein Sports (must be grooved for coilovers).


    Next up is a pair of MM rear lower control arms for 79-98 Mustangs. MM part number MMRLCA-1.3. These arms were installed and barely used, and you can tell. They literally look brand new. I decided to go with the XD control arms instead. MM is asking $249.95 plus shipping, I will take $200 shipped or trade straight across for MM's extreme duty control arms with spherical bushings on both ends and no spring perches and no swaybar brackets (part # MMRLCA-30.2)


    Next up is a pair of Griggs conventional 300lb rear springs. They have one coil cut off each springs. These will lower your car approximately 1.5". I am asking $50 shipped.


    Lastly, I have a pair of brand new Hypercoil 10" long 275 in/lb front springs, 2.5" diameter. I bought these new a while back thinking I wanted to go softer on my front spring rates, but I decided to keep the 350 in/lb springs that I have. MM part number HYP27510250. MM is asking $63 each plus shipping, I will take $90 shipped or trade for just about anything... just make an offer.


    I can be reached via pm, or email: [email protected], or phone: 949-235-6019.


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