Go Topless More Often | Test Fitting a BronCover on the Bronco Raptor


Mar 27, 2003
Myrtle Beach, SC
Go Topless More Often | Test Fitting a BronCover on the Bronco Raptor


There’s just something about owning a Bronco that makes the ladies in your life want to go topless. That’s just a fact, don’t ask me to try to explain it. However, the last thing you want when you’re running wild and free is to get caught out without the proper protection. That’s where the fine folks at BronCover come into play.

One of the ever present threats of owning a convertible is getting caught out in inclimate weather with your top down. With a Bronco that anxiety can be compounded by the fact that you can remove the doors as well. If you have a hard-top that makes about half-a-vehicle worth of body panels you’ve pulled off, and that takes a little time commitment to reinstall. That’s why I like having a BronCover in the cargo area as a little added insurance.


Every BronCover comes in this awesome reusable storage bag. I just throw it in the back any time we pop the top.

BronCover makes an extremely high grade cover that protects a Bronco’s interior when you’re running with the top down, even with the doors removed. They make covers for both 2-Door and 4-Door models. And best of all, they are made right here in South Carolina from heavy duty marine-grade materials. Plus the straps and hooks are made so as to not mar the paint.

We first heard about the BronCover product from some industry friends in the state, so we reached out to Carlos (the owner of BronCover) to see if they had a cover in the works for a Bronco Raptor. Not surprisingly, they hadn’t even seen one in person. So we offered ours up for a test fitting session using their standard 4-door unit. Check out this video for the results:

It's always great to lend a hand with product development, especially when it helps out a South Carolina based manufacturer.

The BRaptor’s body work is a lot more different than the standard Bronco than you may initially think. But even still, the BronCover fitted close enough to work in the short term as long as we left the doors in place. Carlos quickly got to work making notes for the changes he would make to his first official BRaptor prototype. It just so happens that very prototype arrived today and we’ll be test fitting it in the very near future.

In the meantime, I can tell you that the standard BronCover has worked out well for us. When I take the top off I usually like to leave it off for a week or so. Beyond rain protection, it protects the interior from getting covered in dew or filled with a mountain of falling leaves. I’m looking forward to trying out the modified one, but if their current 2-or-4-Door versions would work for you I have good news. Carlos gave us an SVTP specific discount code that works on all of BronCover’s products. Just head over to their site (BronCover.com), pick out what you want, and enter code "SVTP" in the coupon section to save 5% on your order. Simple as that.

We’ll be posting an update on this story in the next week or so, and we have many more BRaptor product tests in the works. Keep an eye on SVTP for all the details.


Check out BronCover's website - Rain Protection for your Bronco

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