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Jul 17, 2006
201, NJ
Hey guys, Here's the problem. The truck rides fine for a while, but after a while of driving, the fuel pressure will drop to almost zero. Sometimes it'll stall, and sometimes it'll try to boost the pressure back up. It seems like its only when I'm hitting the throttle. I can get it to stall without hitting the throttle but it has to idle for a long time. It doesn't throw any codes, other than the one time that it threw p1232, which is something about a fuel pump circuit malfunction. When it completely stalls, the battery light, and the CEL light turn on. I've tried a new resistor, switching the inertia relay with the hi/lo relay, and also bypassing the resistor altogether. new resistor did nothing, switching the relays did nothing, but bypassing the resistor altogether got rid of the problem. Here's a video:


What could this possibly be? Should I try replacing the relay? Anything else it could be?
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Sep 3, 2008
I had the same problem...Not the same circumstance, but if you search in here you'll see what I mean.

Basically did the same thing...But mine was fixed in the SCT Program. basically I was trying to use the one that came with the SCT, just to get it to run and for some reason, there was something in the program shutting down the pumps instead of kicking them up.

Check all your vacuum lines especially to your regulator, a vac line can look perfect, untill it gets pressure, then it'll split.. but you can't tell not under pressure..

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