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Aug 25, 2014
Silver Spring, Maryland
I'm looking for a high mileage, driven, well-maintained Cobra coupe. Top colors are sonic blue and mystichrome, but honestly open to every color except zinc yellow. Stock or close to it is great (must have IRS), but reliability is the most important factor. I have young kids and don't have time to tinker, just want something I can drive on weekends and commute in on the really nice summer days. I'm in Maryland and my budget tops out in the low $20s, hence the request for high mileage. This could be 100k to 250k or more, again as long as it's been taken care of. IIRC there was a super high mileage mystichrome on here (400k?) and I've seen some other colors in that ballpark on Facebook. If it matters, I do have a garage so the car will only see nice weather. Thanks for any leads you all can provide.

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