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How do you control your AUTO Trans?

Discussion in 'SVT Shelby GT500' started by FordFanStan, May 10, 2010.

  1. FordFanStan

    FordFanStan New Member Established Member

    Jan 3, 2005
    San Diego, Ca.
    So I have been trying to find out who uses what when they convert to an auto setup in these applications.

    This is for another project vehicle but it is similar so that is why I want to know what you guys are using in this application when still controlling the engine through the stock ECU/PCM.

    I know Evo and WCA have converted. I read that WCA just uses switches for overdrive and lock-up, but I am looking for more of a programmable controller for an auto trans. What does Evo use?

    I know Baumann makes one, but is it the best choice for the stock Ford transmissions, (E40D, 4R100, 4R70W)? I know many of the Gen1 Lightning guys use this setup when they convert to a stand alone controller for their engine. Are their other options that may be suitable as well though?

    Thank you for any info in advance, FFS

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