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HOW TO: install and remove spirolocks

Discussion in 'How-To' started by encasedmetal, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. encasedmetal

    encasedmetal WHINO! Established Member

    Jan 4, 2009
    asheville NC
    So in the interest of showing potential first time modular builders the little things that aren't covered in the books and just come with experience- I am going to start doing little how to's on the items I wished I had access to when I started. To start- today I was waiting on the race to start and thought I'd do one on how to install and take out spirolocks on some old pistons. Spirolocks are the means of holding in the piston's wristpin, which allows the rod to stay with the piston and rotate as well. When you pull them out they will look like this IMG_20130407_114352_414_zpsf49a13c1.jpg
    they are circular and coiled, so you'll want to pull the coils apart a little bit like so
    you'll want to do this because you're actually going to coil them into the piston. to get started place one end of the soil into the wrist pin galley- you'll want to put both locks into one side of the piston, put the rod in the piston and the wristpin through the piston and rod, then you can do the other two locks in the opposite side of the piston.

    then you'll start pressing the rest of the lock into the piston
    until it's all the way in
    there will be 2 spirolocks to install on each side of the wristpin and all will be installed the same way.

    Now, where alot of people get frustrated and confused is having to take them out. You'll want to have on hand a small flat head screwdriver to pull these out. orientation of the locks do not matter really so don't worry about that. So first you'll want to place your screwdriver into the wristpin galley
    you'll want to push down and back to get under the first coil,
    then work the screwdriver around to uncoil the lock.
    I will say that YOU VERY MUCH SHOULD WEAR SAFETY GLASSES WHILE TAKING OUT SPIROLOCKS, as they are apt to pop out and go anywhere. they're like like miniature springs when you're pulling them out.
    after removing the 2 spirolocks from one side you can push the wristpin out and remove the rod
  2. Sonic03BlueGT

    Sonic03BlueGT Member Established Member

    Dec 30, 2010
    I hate those little bastards, I've had the distinct pleasure to get to remove and install them in two engines in the last month.
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