Hurst Elite Mustang Giveaway

It's not everyday you get the chance to win a new Mustang GT, but that is just the opportunity that Hurst is putting out there for all their fans. They are holding a contest with the Grand Prize being a custom build Hurst Elite Series Mustang GT. I'd love to see an SVTP member end up with this in their driveway, so here are the full details on the car and contest.

Hurst started out with a Coyote powered 2015 Mustang GT with a 6-Speed manual. It's also equipped with the GT Performance Package score you:

• Brembo™ Six-Piston Front Brake Calipers with Larger Rotors
• “Engine Turn” Aluminum Instrument Panel
• Gauge Pack (Oil Pressure and Vacuum)
• K-Brace
• Larger Radiator
• Spoiler Delete
• Strut-tower Brace
• Unique Chassis Tuning
• Upsized Rear Sway Bar
• Unique Stability Control, EPAS & ABS Tuning
• TORSEN® Differential with 3.73 Axle Ratio

Building on that potent base Hurst added all the goodies to transform a standard Pony car into a Hurst Élite Series Mustang. That included massive gloss black wheels with mirror machined accents, and Hurst's 304 stainless exhaust topped off with 4-inch mirror-polished stainless steel tips. It wouldn't be a Hurst car without one of their classic short-throw shifters a Hurst graphics package, so those are in the mix as well. The package is rounded out by a compliment of premium Hurst carpeted floormats and a set of street friendly 1-inch lowering springs.

However, Hurst didn't stop there. They reached out to Anderson Composites for a set of their ultra high quality carbon fiber body components, and to Moroso for some of their trick underhood accessories. The final part of the equation, and one of my personal favorites, is a set custom white leather Hurst logo'd seats by TMI. I've sat in these things and they are excellent.

Now would you like to drive off into the sunset with Hurst's creation your opportunity is quickly approaching. All you need to do is register to win the car by CLICKING HERE.


Yes, yes I would very much like that in my life. I'm going to bake some cookies and send to Hurst so I can grease some wheels. =D

We like chocolate chip a lot. ;)

In. I'm the only one who deserves to win.
I'll sell mine and put all the money into a blower and other mods.

That would be one crazy S550!

On the off-chance that I do win, it'll be gifted to my father so he can enjoy it during retirement.

We can't think of a better way to enjoy retirement!

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