If your Mustang could talk…


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Feb 15, 2006
Graham, North Carolina
A good friend of mine wrote this and I thought I would share.

If your Mustang could talk…

I am 43 years old this year, and still galloping as strong as the day I debuted. During my 43 years I have become one of the most recognized American icons in the history of the United States. The heritage, fundamentals, and ideas that I was built upon in 1964 still run true today. I am the original pony car, the only pony car. Many have tried to imitate me, but no one has ever duplicated my legacy. I was outselling my closest rivals (the fireturd and the slowmaro) by a ratio of 2 to 1 COMBINED when they final killed them off and put them out of their misery. They say they are coming back and will have something for the original pony car, but I do not worry.
I’m not great at any one performance category, but a solid performer in every category. I am many things to many people. I may be the potential street terror to a 16 year old guy or the fun convertible dream car to the 32 year old mother. My versatility is unsurpassed; I am something different to each person.
I have taken many forms over my 43 years, 4 cylinders, V6’s and V8’s, some even coming with a turbo or supercharger. No matter the size of the heart that sits within me, my spirit is always strong and willing. You will be hard pressed to find a single make of car that has held as many nicknames as me. Mach1, Bullitt, Boss, GT500, GT, LX, GT350, Cobra, SVT Cobra, SVO, GTA, McClaren, Saleen, Roush, and Mustang II are all badges that have graced my sheet metal.
You do not own me, you are merely my keeper. Truth be known I probably own you. You keep me clean, keep me serviced, get aggravated when someone parks to close to me, and cuss when one of your little rug rats scratches me or spills a drink in me. Even when you drive I am still in control, you think the people in that mini van are looking at you? Nah, they are looking at me, the original pony car, the truest of American icons.
Still think you own me? Think about your Christmas and Birthday presents…..be honest, you either got something for me or wanted something for me. Even if you didn’t get it, I guarantee something popped into your mind that you want to get me. Maybe I’m your daily driver or that little garage queen that sits and waits on weekends or beautiful sunny days. Regardless of where I’m parked I still see you look out the window from time to time just to see me sitting there.
Never in automotive history has their ever been a more recognizable exhaust tone than mine. Park 200 cars in a parking lot and crank them each one by one and there will be no doubt of the mustang exhaust tone. Its deep, throaty tone have been putting smiles on people’s faces for years and years. Whether riding down main drag of any American town or riding thru a parade, one phrase is constantly repeated “Let me hear it”. Requests come from all walks of life and all age groups. From the car full of teenagers to the 40 something year old man driving his wife and two kids to dinner, a smile is sure to break out.
I am also quite the star, Bullitt and Eleanor are just two quick names that surely any car enthusiast will recognize. It was recently written that “The Mustang ranks as the No. 1 car of American film, having had starring roles in more than 500 movies, according to Ford officials. Even John Wayne, who was the leading man in a record 142 movies, can't top that.” You may not be a movie star, but how about getting the chance to drive one? By the way, no other car maker can make that claim.
Though I gallop along I know to appreciate those that have sustained my existence and created excitement for my name plate. People such as Lee Iacooca, Carroll Shelby, and John Colletti are just a short list of those who I am indebted to. My appreciation, however, does not end there. It continues on to the mustang clubs across America that share and promote my legacy, my heritage, and my proud spirit. In the early 90’s when the pencil pushers at Ford began planning to replace my name plate with the Probe, the mass of Mustang fans stood up and reminded them that I’m not just another car. I am THE MUSTANG, the original pony car we all love.
Though I can not truly talk, I have my own personality. The personality I have is the one you give me. Sunday cruiser or street terror, the choice is yours, all I ask is a simple smile when you catch that quick glimpse of me sitting there waiting on you.

John Threatte
Mustangs Of Burlington
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