Issues after new setup


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Sep 26, 2008
Well, things aren't going too great after finishing the 2.3 VMP install on my cobra.

After my tuner sent me the initial base tune, the following now happens: it starts up normal, but after a second or two, rpms drop to 500 and it sounds like it has a nasty cam. This goes on for about 12-15 second and then it dies. Looked around for any lines I may have forgot to plug and found nothing. Sprayed around the engine for any leaks and got no change in rpm. Unplugged my sct2600 maf and plugged the stock one back on - my brother held it to the intake since i am running the jlt's high boost and the stocker doesnt bolt up the the maf slot - and lo and behold, it idles fine. I let my tuner know that he may have forgot to adjust for the aftermarket maf to which he replies that he did and sends me a new tune.

With the new tune, the car starts normal like before and then rpms drop again to ~500 and the cam sound returns. About 5 seconds pass and the rpms climb up to 1000 and the chop goes away. Besides the idle being a little high at 1k, it sounds fine and well. However, once it starts to near operating temp, the rpms again drop to ~500 and it is struggling to stay on. The funny part is, when I put the stock maf back on with painters tape to hold it, it drives and idles fine ( i had to drive it to my house from my brother's - about 3.5 miles).

My tuner said it could be a vacuum leak or some other problem. My guess is maybe something is wrong with my sct2600 maf sensor. Is there a way to test this? Some things I noticed is when idling, my AEM a/f gauge is reading full lean, no number just "----" on the display, but the car smells like it's running rich. There's also some white smoke coming from the exhaust, though that could be condensation from all the rain we've been getting. Another small thing I noticed while trying to look for the issue is that my BAP level is NOT set to max, it only at the half way mark. Not sure if this will cause an issue.

If anyone has any suggestions, please post them up. I really want get this thing running before hurricane season gets into full swing.


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