Lethal Performance has Up to 15% OFF AWE Exhaust Systems for your Bronco!!


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Authorized Vendor
Sep 14, 2020
Wellington, FL
Hey all!

Starting today, you can SAVE UP TO 15% on AWE Exhaust Systems for your Bronco!


Check out the overview video with sound clips and install here!

We tested their system on our 2021 First Edition 2.7L and found it to be one of the best sounding exhaust systems we have tested so far. With a crisp,With install being a little more difficult due it being a cat-back system, including the removal of the stock mid-pipe, everything included with AWE installed perfectly without an issue. The slightly larger diameter piping could definitely benefit us down the road when turbo upgrades, intercoolers, and larger, better flowing charge pipes and downpipes are in play.

The sound change is well worth noting, as the sound compared to any of the axle-back’s gets “deeper”, so to say. We believe that due to the muffler being earlier in the exhaust system (within the mid-pipe, just after the flange, the acoustic’s change quite a bit, and more so to our liking.

With the various different combinations that AWE provides, you have 3 different variations you can run, all of which are interchangeable with simple hand tools. Whether you want it to be nice and tucked away for maximum clearance or loud and proud with your 4 inch dual tips (or 5 inch single tip), they give you the option with ease.

Check it out here below!

Of course, if you have any questions, looking for something in particular, or want to get something on order, feel free to reach out to any one of us here at Lethal Performance!

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