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Lethal Performance presents THE TUNE SHOP!

Discussion in 'Lethal Performance' started by [email protected], Jul 18, 2018.

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    Nov 30, 2015
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    Custom tuners, like many other aspects of Mustang performance, are not ‘one size fits all.’ There is no “best supercharger” or “best exhaust”, just as there is no “best tuner.” There are, however, awesome tuners and there are crappy tuners.

    For a decade now we have been using Lund Racing on every one of our shop vehicles and also offering their tuning services to all of our customers. They have gone above and to get their builds running to their full potential. We’ve set records both on the dyno and on the track and we could not have done it without the guys at Lund Racing. Lund Racing will still be tuning our 2018 Mustang GT (and whatever else we decide to get our hands on), but we do realize there are other tuners on the market who are just as badass. We may install a Whipple on all of our cars, but we know Procharger, Vortech & the rest make setups that are just as badass.

    With that said, we introduce The Tune Shop here at Lethal Performance.


    We will now carry not only Lund Racing tuning, but also Palm Beach Dyno, AED and [Sai] Li Racing & Tuning. We will offer all of the superstars of Mustang tuning right here in one place. This allows YOU the customer to be able to CHOOSE the tuner of your preference while buying both your tunes & parts from a reputable source. We will offer our Lethal Performance power packs as well as SCT devices, the Lund Racing nGauge and the HP Tuners nGauge all with custom tuning options.

    Give us a shout. We'll get you set up with a complete tuning (& parts) performance package.


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