Lethal Performance teams up with Saleen!


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May 19, 2004
Jupiter, Fl
Lethal Performance is proud to announce the addition of Saleen Products to our huge line of parts which we stock and offer with same day shipping.

We've been speaking with Saleen for sometime now and finally teamed up with them to become one of their largest stocking warehouse distributors on the east coast.

Not only have we been hearing so many excellent things about their products but also have customers of ours ask for their products on a daily basis. Saleen are the manufacturers of high quality aftermarket parts for the Mustang Community ranging from Aerodynamics and Body Components to Supercharger Kits and Brakes.

***For a limited time, we are offering free shipping on all of their kits, 435,475 and 550 HP Kits.***


Saleen has a unique inverse design and open bends coupled with twin screw blower assembly, pushes air directly into the combustion chamber. It is compact, lightweight and highly efficient, the blower housing, assembly and intercooler in one compact unit nestles neatly in the valley between the heads. Maximum air flow with less than 5 lbs of boost - less engine stress and heat.


We are also proud to announce the new up and coming Saleen Super Shaker Supercharger System. By combining the proven efficiency of the Saleen series VI intercooled supercharger with that of the new and highly efficient SuperShaker™ induction system, Saleen has brokered the perfect marriage; bringing together Beauty AND Beast for the first time.

The SuperShaker™ induction path is much shorter and less restrictive compared to existing designs, and is a true “cold air” intake that is sealed off from the engine compartment, thus enhancing vehicle performance. The SuperShaker™ induction system sits above the hood and is isolated from the hot air in the engine compartment. This is especially beneficial in static situations such as at stop lights or take off during drag racing. Once up to speed, the shaker hood scoop rams fresh cold air into the air box where it is pressurized, allowing greater boost at higher speeds.

*** More information soon to come as these kits will be available the first week of August ***

If you have any questions, please give us a call at Lethal Performance and the first available sales associate will be able to assist you.


Matt @ Lethal Performance

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