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Lethal Performance Tech Tips Tuesday - Fuel systems PT 2!!!

Discussion in 'Mach 1' started by [email protected], Aug 6, 2019.

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    Last week we covered the Lethal Performance Return Style harness (Click here if you missed it!). This week in episode 2 of our Fuel System Series, Jared goes over the basics of the divisionX fuel pump hat for the 99-04 Mustang.


    We use these fuel pump hats in all of our Lethal Performance and divisionX fuel systems for the 99-04 GT, Mach 1 and Cobra models. We offer systems ranging from the Budget & Budget Plus kits to the full 1400+rwhp fuel systems. This hat is a direct replacement for your factory fuel hat setup, making it super easy to convert to a return style system and support tons of horsepower without worrying about sumps, external pumps, etc.

    NOTE: This hat will work in the GT and Mach 1 factory tanks, however you will need to remove the plastic basket at the bottom of the tank that supported the factory fuel pump setup. Also to note, the 03-04 Cobra fuel tanks have a superior baffle system which helps to eliminate fuel starvation due to fuel slosh. If you have a GT or Mach 1 you can choose to upgrade to the Glenns Performance 03 Cobra style fuel tank (CLICK HERE).

    Let’s break down the essential pieces to the hat:
    • OEM-style 6-pin connector
    • Feed & Return Ports
    • OEM Level Sender attachment
    • Fuel pump connectors & wiring
    • Fuel pump basket

    The divisionX fuel hat has one prominent feature not found elsewhere: the OEM-style 6-pin connector on top. What’s the mean? Not only is it a leak-proof design, but it also gives you a plug & play wiring option using either our Lethal Performance Return Style Harness (discussed in Episode 1) or, if you want to use your own wiring, our 6-pin pigtail (SKU: DX-0045).

    If you choose to use our Lethal harness (or if you purchase a complete fuel system that comes with the harness), the system will be plug & play. The harness plugs directly into the connector at the top of the hat. There will be 2 loose wires for the level sender that get wired to your factory harness.


    To access the level sender wires in your factory harness, simply cut the connections and peel back the wire loom to reveal the OEM wires. There will be 4 wires, 2 small and 2 large. The 2 small wires will be your level sender wires. You will connect the yellow wire to yellow wire and black wire to black wire (however, these wires are run by ohms and not done by positive/negative so you could cross them and the sender will still work properly).

    If you are using your own wiring, you can purchase the divisionX pigtail (CLICK HERE). This pigtail has the same connector as our Lethal harness to plug directly into the fuel hat, but allows you to wire in your own setup, including the same level sender wires.


    The divisionX SN95 fuel hat will come with the feed & return fittings already installed. The feed fitting supplied is a 10an O-ring and the return port has an 8an O-ring. These fittings can easily be swapped out to accommodate different sized lines.

    On the underside of the SN95 fuel hat, we’ll start with the spine of the hat. This is where you can attach your OEM level sender. The fuel hat accepts the 03-04 Cobra level sender with no bracket needed. If you have a 99-04 GT/Mach 1 or a 99-01 Cobra, you can purchase the divisionX level sender bracket (DX-37011) and use your OEM level sender.


    There are also 2 wires on the underside of the hat for wiring up the level sender—one with a spade connector and one with a terminal. The terminal will be grounded to the spine of the fuel hat while the spade connector will connect to the spade connector on your factory level sender.

    Also on the underside of the hat you will find the fuel pump connectors which allow plug & play use of most fuel pumps.

    The bottommost part of the fuel hat is the fuel pump basket, equipped with o-rings for seating of the fuel pumps. The divisionX fuel pump hat accommodates the most popular fuel pump choices from both Walbro and Aeromotive.

    Here are the pumps you can use in the SN95 fuel hat:
    • Walbro 255lph (SKU: WAL-GSS342)
    • Aeromotive Stealth 340lph (AER-11542)
    • Walbro 400lph (SKU: WAL-F90000267)
    • Walbro 465lph (SKU: WAL-F90000267)
    • Walbro 465lph High Pressure (SKU: WAL-F90000274)
    • Walbro 485lph (SKU: WAL-F90000285)

    Check out the fuel chart below for their flow rates & E85 compatibility:


    IMPORTANT: When installing the fuel pumps, you will want to make sure that they are positioned so that the bottom of the fuel filter sock is 1.75”-1.87” from the bottom of the fuel hat basket. This will insure that you have the proper placement for fuel pickup.


    CLICK HERE for the full instructions on the divisionX SN95 fuel pump hat.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a shout at 877-2-LETHAL (561-753-8105) or email us at support [at] lethalperformance.com. Stay tuned for future episodes of our Fuel System Tech Tips Series where we’ll go over more components of the return style fuel system.

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