Lethal Performance Whipple-charged 2018 Mustang GT goes for 8s!


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Nov 30, 2015
Wellington Florida
If you've followed our 2018 Mustang GT (aka Project Goldmember) at all, you've seen us take the car in steps from the 11s with basic mods to low 9s with the Whipple kit.


Click here for the progress!

We recently got some new goodies installed on Project Goldmember by the awesome guys over at Power By The Hour Performance. While we were SUPER stoked to be in the low 9s before, Jared is ready for an 8.xx and there were a couple of issues to be addressed.

The 10r80 is a finicky one and didn't seem to be too pleased with the 3.55 gears so we stepped over to a 3.15 gear ratio to try and please it. We're thinking it's a good move. That's not the only driveline mods we had done. We also got our new Circle D converter installed and the McLeod 10r80 steel and friction kit to strengthen it up.

We also installed our Baer Drag Race Brake Kit with the custom logos. Not only does it look awesome, but we saved some serious weight! (Click here for more info on that!)

Lastly, we threw on a 3.50" pulley because we like to live on the edge. #alltheboost

We took the car out to Palm Beach International Raceway this week to see what it could do. The weather gods were not on our side and delivered a sweltering 89° day with 97% humidity and a 2900 DA. We still were ready to SEND IT.

So was Lund, apparently. Check that tune file name!


So here it is, our long hot day of searching for the 8-second timeslip:

For more info on the car, click here.

Give us a shout if you have any questions and stay tuned because we will be back out very soon...

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