Lightweight bumper supports


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Feb 26, 2009
It is nice to see JPC not just pushing an item for sales. Props to them.

It is amazing what forces the crash bumpers absorb at even a 5 mph crash. The light weight bumpers will transfer that energy directly to the frame rails and core support in an accident. That can cause a lot of damage that you might not see with the OE equipment on there. I think for a street car the risk does exceed the reward by installing them. At least in my mind.

And I think an insurance adjuster might take issue if he saw the OE crash parts were removed. Especially if damage was extensive because of the light weight bars. Again, the risk exceeds the rewards there as well. Again, to me that is.

But anyone looking to install a light weight set up I have seen the JPC stuff and it is nice and fits well.


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Oct 21, 2013
I know this is old but needed to add something.

If you don't have a frame, car companies these days use crumple zones as the safety, not bumpers. Bumpers might help absorb energy up to 20 mph, but that speed isn't very life threatening.

Insurance companies will still likely use that as an excuse to not pay out on a claim.

My question is, do you need the bumper support to support the plastic body piece out front? What happens if you just run the car with the support missing? I know you'll get better airflow through the intercooler... Half of it is shrouded by the metal support... Right up against it. What would insurance companies think if you cut the bottom half off?

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