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Loosing intercoolant and my SC is whining

Discussion in 'How-To' started by Shemsk, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. Shemsk

    Shemsk New Member

    Sep 18, 2016
    Hi guys. This might have been discussed earlier, but I'm new to the forum and new to solving issues like this... Not alot of these cars in Norway, so I need some advice! I have (atleast) two issues on my 99 Svt Lightning. I'm loosing intercoolant, but it stops at a certain level in the reservoar. Don't see a wet spot under the car. There's no pressure in the reservoar, even after changing the cap. I also think the smell in the car changes when the AC i turned on... maybe that's me being paranoid, but I'll mention it anyway! Lately I've also had a hummingsound, that might come from the supercharger, changes freequency with the speed of the car. I also sometimes loose power when "slowly" increasing speed with pressure. Almost like a beltslip. I've changed the belt, but it didn't do the trick. Someone told me it might be the pulley on the supercharger, but I'm not sure. Tried getting a new one, but it seems that's not possible... and the SC must be changed? I've asked 4 different places, but they say it's not on Ford's list?

    Can anyone help me with where to begin? I'm getting a bit tired of this car! Just swapped the plugs and changed the O2 sensors because of high levels of HC in exhaust. Also fixed the transmission after humming in two gears... now this! Seems to be a neverending story for me! The car is not running smooth either... but that might be a oxygen leak somewhere! Hopefully! The oil has been changed on the transmission, engine and diff . Would appreciate some help, I would think the workshops in Norway isn't too familiar with this type of car!

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